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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fire Wood

Yes firewood from unexpected places.  This spring has been a turbulent spring.  The weather went from 80s one day to 50s the next, terrible rain on almost a daily basis.  Thunder storms and more tornado warnings in one season than in all the years we have lived here put together.  We lost 4 tree limbs to the weather, 4 more than ever before.  So this past weekend Jackson and our youngest son, Phillip, spent one day just cleaning up the limbs and branches, chipping the smaller stuff for mulch for the garden and cutting up the larger stuff for firewood.  It has plenty of time to dry and will come in handy when the chill hits the air, but this was not what we had in mind for firewood. 

The trees are doing OK, a little bare in spots, but nothing they can't recover from.  No damage to person or  property, thankfully. 

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