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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Radish Pickles

Jackson loves radishes, he is the only one in the family.  Yes, I can make a radish soup, which is tasty, but there isn't a whole lot I can do with radishes that the rest of the family finds appetizing.  This year I decided to try radish pickles.  I searched different sites looking for a recipe, but they were all refrigerator pickles, and I just don't have room to store jars of pickles in my refrigerator.  Then, I found this one recipe.  It looked like something Jackson would like, not a lot of sugar, more of a savory pickle (if there is such a thing).  So please visit this blog for the recipe

We did adapt the recipe a bit.  I doubled the brine, and I had no idea how many radishes were in three bunches, so I just guessed at 30.  Jackson, who loves "hot" and also garlic, actually sliced up three jalapenos for the pickles as well as put in a handful of garlic cloves.  The whole mixture is supposed to sit for four days before you process but I had to cut that short (I just could not stand the smell) and processed them after two days.  The color had permeated the whole mixture and everything was a nice shade of radish pink.  It made 4 pint jars.  I do think next time I might try slicing the radishes.  I had one radish left over, that I just couldn't squeeze into a jar, Jackson ate that one.  And he loved it, of course his breath was a little "strong" for a couple of days after, LOL. 

I want to warn you to open the jars outside, and only eat them if everyone else in the room is also eating them or you have a pack of gum on hand for "emergencies". 

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Sylvia said...

cool that you found a recipe for the extra radishes. I love radishes, and while I'm not a pickle person, the idea of a radish soup is intriguing. I'm also the only radish fan in my house.