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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Saving Seeds

Do you all save seeds from year to year?  I have, but only a little, like last year I saved okra, tomato, pepper, and watermelon seeds.  This year my goal is to save so many more seeds.  I mean the seeds are out there, sitting in my garden, I just need to take the time to harvest them. 

Now my peas are dying off, just too hot.  The peas were great while they lasted.  It has taken me a few years to have successful peas.  Being from the north, I was not used to planting things in Feb, I mean up there the ground is still frozen.  LOL.  This year I planted earlier than I ever though I would, mid-February, and had a very successful season of early produce.  Next year I will plant a lot more peas.  But as I am pulling the peas I am harvesting those last few, wilting pods, to save the seeds for next year.  Here are just a few.  I am "hoping" to be well organized, label everything and have lots and lots of seeds waiting for next year.  We will see if that happens.

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