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Friday, June 24, 2011

Supper Tonight

OK so let's start with a tour of our upper garden, we have a garden that is down the hill a bit but today I will show you our upper garden, it is producing so well this year!!  I give credit to the composted horse manure we added last year,courtesy of our friend's horses.  That and a lot of hard work, planning, weeding, watering and tending. 

First I have to have my chair, there is nothing more peaceful to me that working in the garden then taking a short break, looking at everything in the shade of the apple tree, eating some cherry tomatoes.  So my chair is up in the garden.
Doesn't it look so nice and comfy and shady!  Below is a picture from my chair, it is a shelling bean plant, the plant at the end of the row. 

 And here is a view, from my comfy chair to the right, looking at the edge of my tomatoes, my zucchini and beyond are my hubby's grape vines. 
 A view to the left of my chair, you can see all my bean plants, shell beans and bush beans, below those toward the road are some sad looking corn plants, I only planted a few, just not my favorite. 
 This is looking at the okra and beets, to the right, just out of the picture are radishes and greens.  The okra is a little sad, hot out today.  They will perk up later on this evening.  They are just starting to flower now, I love okra blossoms, so beautiful in the garden!  Beyond the okra are cucumbers, and just in the front of the picture you can see the tops of some onions. 
 Here is a view of my pepper plants, not growing as well as I would like this year but producing well already!  And my tomatoes.  LOL.  Jackson and I disagree every year about how far apart to plant the tomatoes.  I vote for further apart, so that I can get in between the plants to weed and harvest, he always wants them closer together.  Then when they look like this he says next year we will have to space them further apart, and the cycle starts again, LOL.  What you can't see in the front of the picture just before the peppers are my eggplant.  I planted I think 6 or 8 seedlings, and the VERY next day bugs had eaten them to the ground.  It was funny and NOT funny.  So we have two there now.  That will have to do for this year.
 Here are my zucchini.  And I picked one good size zucchini off today, for supper tonight.  Still have a few small ones that will be ready in another couple of days. 
 Here is one of the smaller zucchini, isn't he cute!  Must be a "he" right?
 Cherry tomatoes.  I have NEVER enjoyed eating tomatoes raw, only cooked in things like sauces or soups.  But last year I developed a new found LOVE of tomatoes, so last year and this year it has been a treat to pick a handful, take a break, sit in my chair and eat cherry tomatoes, YUM!
 Oh, my pretty butterfly bush, and the butterflies love it.  It sits on the hill just past my garden.  Lovely. 
 Today's harvest included a colander of green beans.  I am going to put those with the colander I picked yesterday and can beans today.  I will save out some for supper and can the rest.  I have plenty more where those came from, another YUM!!
 And some cucumbers, that looked so pretty.  While I was up in the garden today I ate some green beans, a cucumber, some tomatoes and lettuce for my lunch.  It brought back memories of when I was a kid and used to go pick fresh veggies out in the garden and just stand there eating.  Delicious and warm!  I went from there to the raspberry patch, which has increased 10 times since we planted the few plants last year, and picked a handful of raspberries for dessert!  I need to go back out to the raspberries and pick all the ripe ones later on today.  And I think I will be having a zucchini parmesan tonight for supper, with a side of cucumbers and maybe a side of green beans!
 On the way into the house today I heard this chirping, and I couldn't find where it was coming from.  I looked and looked and finally found this nest.  The brick is our house, the wood is a railing along the edge of our back deck.  There is a HUGE crock sitting in that corner and on the floor behind the crock was this nest.  You can only see one little birdie in the picture but he must have siblings in there somewhere, cause there was a lot of noise coming from that corner.  Just too cute, and the perfect find for a perfect day. 
My next chore is to go out and sit with my hens.  The last few days they have not been laying well at all, so I need to go sit with them and talk to them about that! 

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Speak gently and maybe sing softly, and I'm sure they will respond.