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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dill Pickles

My oldest son, Dallen, really likes dill pickles on his veggie burger.  And that is all he likes on it, no mustard, no ketchup, just veggie burger, pickles and a bun!  So this year I decided to try my mother's dill pickle recipe to see if he liked that.  I generally buy organic dill pickles but home made from fresh cucumbers has got to be so much better...right.  Well he agreed, the dill pickles were a hit and I have made about 15-16 quarts, and hopefully they will last through the year...we will see.

My mom had a canning cook book with a whole bunch of her hand written recipes stuffed inside.  So I have been looking through these recipes and trying some.  I remember a few, that I enjoyed, from my childhood but I also remember as a child NOT liking some, that I might actually like now.  This year is a summer of trial and error, figuring out what the family will like and not like, make again, or throw the recipe away.  :-)

This is my mom's dill pickle recipe:

I did not cut the cucumbers lengthwise, but instead sliced them for ease of use on the veggie burgers.  Another change I made was to use quart jars instead of pint.
And here is the finished product, as well as some canned tomato sauce.

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