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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bare Minerals

OK some moms were having a discussion about make up at the park yesterday, me included.  Actually the discussion lasted about 5 minutes before we moved onto another topic, LOL.  I don't wear make up, maybe once or twice a year.  But I happened to mention a young adult, within our extended circle of friends, who had become a Mary Kay consultant.  I just mentioned that maybe we could have a Mom's Night Out with Mary Kay, and throw a little business her way as she is just getting started.

One mom mentioned Bare Minerals.  I had NO idea what it was really.  I am so uninformed where make up is concerned.

So I did just a little research on the mineral make up trend.  While mineral make ups do not use some common ingredients found in other make ups, they are still using some scary stuff.  And although the name implies that they just take minerals from the ground, grind them up and, wow, there you have it...make up for your face, some of it goes through some pretty heavy refining to take it from completely toxic to "less" toxic.

The first article I found gave me a great starting point.  So this is where I started.  Now in reading the small paragraph, I also googled the ingredients listed.  If you are concerned about your "all natural" make up, I suggest you google too, google is amazing isn't it?!  You can find different articles on the ingredients and make an informed decision.  I think I will continue to go my own version of "all natural" and just not wear any.  :-)

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