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Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Garden

I have had such an abundant summer, loved the garden, loved being in the garden, loved all the fresh veggies!  And Fall is turning out just as wonderful.  I have radishes ready for harvest, and beets as well.  Turnips that are almost ready and lettuce for salad.  That is what has grown from the seeds I planted a month or so ago.  YUM!  Now I am looking for delicious turnip recipes to try.

From my summer garden I am still harvesting peppers!  Gotta love the peppers, and in the picture you can see 4 different varieties of peppers from my garden this morning.  I also picked a colander full of fresh basil.  Will make pesto with that later on today.  I think I will freeze some of the peppers, that has worked well in the past.  I do need to go back out today and pick all the green tomatoes I have.  I can sit them on my kitchen shelves and watch them ripen.  It is getting cooler at night and we will be having a frost soon, so I want to harvest everything that needs to be picked before then.  Hmmmm, now what to have for supper, so many possibilities!

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