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Thursday, October 20, 2011

A River of Waste

I have been happily staying home the last couple of days, enjoying time to just the moment. Have finished up a couple of knitting projects, worked on a Halloween costume for one son, and watched a couple of documentaries that have been on my queue for a while.  Today I watched River of Waste: The Hazardous Truth about Factory Farms.   I have known about the CAFOs, thought I knew quite a bit about them.  As a result of my knowledge we have decided to raise our own chickens for eggs and meat as well as purchase local grass fed beef, etc.  We have opted out of the industrialized meat industry.

But watching this movie really opened my eyes even wider.  This movie goes over every aspect of CAFOs.  More than I ever expected.  There are a few scenes of chicken processing, but all in all not a much visual "grossness" at all.  But the details are very "gross" and will definitely make you think.  I highly recommend this movie if you want to know more about CAFOs.  Or if you eat meat from CAFOs.  You should know what you are eating.  This movie is on Netflix, instant watch.

Here is the blurb from Netflix:  "Learn the shocking truth behind factory farms -- gigantic breeding grounds for meat and poultry -- in this documentary that details how the practice wreaks havoc on the environment and on consumers' health. Through disturbing footage and interviews with experts, director Don McCorkell paints a disturbing portrait of a food system that uses hormones, antibiotics and arsenic to increase its output with little regard for the damage it causes."

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