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Sunday, November 6, 2011

New Chicken Tractor

We have a small chicken tractor,  but it really isn't meant for cooler weather and we can't keep baby chicks in it, just not warm enough. So Jackson and I put our heads together and came up with this new design.  It is strong enough to hold up for at least a few years, light enough to be pulled by our tractor.  It is water tight, so no wet chicks!  And has just a bit of ventilation at the top.  So no cold breezes!  It is tall enough for me to stand up in, in the center, and we can add a heating light if we need it (which we do right now).  Easy to clean out (bonus!), and the chickens are loving it.  We recycled a small trailer that a guy had for sale for very cheap, it used to hold an old generator.  It is a bit taller than I wanted but the chickens are having no trouble getting in and out.

Right now we have broilers in it, and we are using the mesh poultry fencing to keep out dogs.  The broilers will be old enough to be processed in about another 3 weeks.  And I am hoping in the spring to use it for chicks, I will need to get more broilers, followed by more layers.  So this is a great addition to the farm.  The boys and I just need to get out there with paint brushes.

I will take more pictures later on today so you can see the "chicken steps", and see the tractor in use!

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