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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Herb Garden

So this year a new addition to our mini farm is an herb garden.  My hope is to fill it with medicinal and culinary herbs.  Right now it is just a thought in my head and a tilled up piece of back yard.  I would really like to have a back yard that does not need any mowing.  Right now we don't use the back yard.  There were a couple of shrubs in the middle of the space, planted by the previous owners.  So those were the first to go, one was replanted in a better spot and the other will be mulched and reused in another form ;-)

This area is near the house so it will be easy to weed and take care of.  It is beside my little patio area, I think you can see some of the edge of the patio in the picture.  I have a chair there, and really enjoy just sitting and knitting...having a cuppa chai and looking out over the mountainous backdrop.  So I think the addition of the herb garden will be a pleasing sight.  It is a pretty large circle, about 1/3 of it gets total sun and the other 2/3 gets partial sun.  I want to add some berry bushes to the sides, but that is a project for another day.

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