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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Herb Garden

It has been slow going this year.  The weather has been so erratic, one day it is 80 degrees and the next it is 30.    But things are progressing, the upper garden is all planted.  The chicks have had their fill from the lower garden and that is all tilled and ready.  We hope to plant the sorghum and watermelons in the lower garden this coming weekend.

My herb garden has had some nice organic compost added to it and worked into the soil.  My husband helped me lay out the stones and it is ready for planting.  I am hoping to get that done this week.  I am really enjoying the layout and think it will be a nice addition to my back yard.  My goal is to NOT mow the back yard, have it all bushes, shrubs, herbs and beauty!  But until then here is a current picture:

And my lucky find, in the soil.  I will have to find a special place for this.  I mean it has to mean I have chosen exactly the right spot for my herbs!

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