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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Starting the 2012 Harvest

OK so my asparagus was the beginning of my spring harvest.  But these come in second.  I have been really working this year to take advantage of what we have already growing on our piece of property.  Rather than always buying my herbs elsewhere.  I want to be more self sufficient.  So the blackberries are thriving, I starting picking blackberry leaf to dry.  Will probably harvest blackberry leaf at least 2 or 3 more times this year.  We have so much of it that I really don't have to worry about harvesting too much, but I am aware of how much I am harvesting from any one plant as I DO want blackberries later on in the season, YUM!  I am simply drying it on a screen elevated just a bit off my dining room table so the air can circulate.  Blackberry leaf is high in Vit C so a great immune system booster.  Also it is good for the digestive system.  
I also harvested some red clover yesterday.  The red clover is just starting to bloom, so I will go out again in a couple of days to harvest again.  But it is so beautiful.  Again I am just air drying on a screen in my dining room.  Red clover is great for pre and menopausal symptoms, also has a lot of anti cancer properties.

Google either of these plants and learn for yourself what they are good for!  You will be amazed at what is growing in your own backyard!

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