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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I can't remember if I posted here or not that we wanted to get some bees.  A friend is doing a project for her sustainability degree, on bees.  And I have always been interested in bee keeping, just a little too afraid to jump in.  So I decided to learn along with her and take the leap.

I might have posted pictures of us building our bee boxes and frames.  And this past weekend Jackson, dh, and I picked up a nuc of bees.  This is really cool as a nuc is just a hive in miniature.  Just the nucleus hive.  So while we were putting the nuc frames into our own boxes we really got to see everything.  Jackson identified the queen.  Not sure I would have been able to pick her out as there were just so many bees.  We could see larvae, capped brood, capped honey.  They were so busy it was just incredible.  I thought I would be more nervous about it.  We bought a bee hood and gloves, but other than that I wore a hoodie to cover my arms, and long pants.  But the bees were so busy doing what they do, and we were so busy doing what we do that I wasn't nervous.  I was prepared to be stung.  I mean when you have that many bees and you are moving them....I just thought it was obvious that I would be stung.  But not one sting, Jackson either, neither one of us had one sting.

It was really fascinating.  I keep wanting to go check them out but am doing my best to leave them alone so they can get working.  We have so many flowers and trees in bloom right now, and it won't be long before our gardens will be in bloom.  So I hope they have enough resources to pull from to make it through the winter.  For right now I go part way down the pasture and just look at them from a distance.  My friend suggested binoculars, so I think when it stops raining, I will do just that.

Here are some pictures from that day:

And one more thing, a plug from the place where we got our bees, 7 Stands Bee Farm.  The web site is a little sparse, but this father son team is very nice, and full of knowledge.  We had the pleasure of meeting the father, Jim.  And he was so nice and had lots of tips for us getting started.  Said to call him any time if we had any questions or problems and he was happy to help.

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