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Monday, May 21, 2012

More Chicks!

OK the day after our bees arrived, our baby chicks arrive.  I do enjoy going to pick them up at the post office, it is the larger sorting place in Hickory, and when we enter the door we can see all the chicks everyone else has ordered and this time, a special treat, a package of bees someone had ordered.  The chicks are always excited to see us ;-)

These are for eggs, and this time around I bought Rhode Island Reds and Rock Whites.  These are two breeds I have had in the past and are really great, dependable egg layers.  The ones I have now are great egg layers when the conditions are perfect, LOL.  If there is a slight dip in temperature they quit for about a week, then start laying again. These chicks also came from McMurray Hatchery.

Of course it does take some time before they are old enough to even lay eggs, so for now they are under a heat lamp, staying warm and growing.  Just cute little puff balls.  By next spring they will be taking the place of my current layers.

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Carol Flett said...

We plan on getting Rode Island Reds. Glad to hear that they are dependable.