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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mexican Lasagna

OK yes, Mexican Lasagna, for lack of a better title.  This is a recipe I made up years ago after seeing a similar recipe in a cook book. I now see similar recipes all over the Internet.  We have adapted it to our needs and it is a quick delicious meal.  My youngest son is not a huge fan, he does not like much cheese, but the other three of us love it.

2 cups of cooked beans (I use either kidney or black beans but pintos would work well too)
1 package of non meat crumbles
1 jar of organic (we use home made) salsa
1 can enchilada sauce
2 cups shredded Mexican cheese blend (or just cheddar)
Corn tortillas (about 12-15 of the small ones)

Oil a 5 quart slow cooker (or you can also put this in a casserole dish and cook at 350 for about 30-45 minutes once it is all put together), I do this as it makes clean up easier, sometimes there is a little stuck on cheese, but if you oil your slow cooker first it cleans up so easy.  Layer tortillas (if you do not like corn tortillas it works just as well with flour) like you would an Italian lasagna, they may over lap some, that is totally fine.  Then sprinkle on about 1/3 of the beans, and 1/3 of the crumbles (if you want to you could substitute cooked ground beef or even shredded cooked chicken).  Sprinkle on 1/3 of the salsa and 1/3 of the enchilada sauce.  Now top with 1/3 of the cheese.  Repeat the layering process 2 more times (tortillas, beans, crumbles, salsa, enchilada sauce, and cheese on top).  Cook on low for about 2 hours until the cheese is melted.

I usually take one end of this dish and use goat cheese instead of the Mexican cheese blend, so that my end has no cow cheese in it, just for me.  But you could do that with the whole dish, the goat cheese ads a really nice tangy flavor.

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