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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Baby Chicks Are Growing UP!

Remember those baby chicks I posted about back in May.  Well they are growing up fast.  Still no eggs but I expect eggs any time now.  We have moved them from a heated place inside, to a heated place outside and now onto pasture using the electric mesh fencing to keep out dogs, coyotes and such.  They are loving being on pasture.  You can also see in the picture that we are using the chicken tractor we made.  Our next project is to make a perching area.  I want to make an "awning" of sorts, out of corrugated plastic, that can be raised up for shelter from the sun and rain, but also lowered for ease of moving the chicken tractor around.  Have a nice perching area under that awning.  I think they would enjoy that, and happy chicks help make healthy chicks!

Still cute!

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