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Monday, November 5, 2012

More Harvest

Well I did get a little planting in this fall, actually my husband did.  He planted greens and garlic!  YAY!  But this post is about harvesting and not planting.  I have really been interested in local plants this year, along with some of my favorites that I purchase.  And last week it was dandelion root and this past weekend poke root.  Yes poke can be dangerous if not taken appropriately.  It can also be beneficial with boosting immunity and hormonal issues (just to name a couple of uses).  Here is a nice link to a great article about Poke.

This is poke root, above, isn't it amazing!  So big and strong, it really takes a lot of work to get it out of the ground, as my husband can attest.  He was such a huge help in harvesting this poke root.  It was one particular poke plant that called to me this year, it was growing right in the middle of our raspberry patch.  Jackson asked me about it, and although we have quite a bit of poke around, I felt like this one needed to stay put.  So we left it in the raspberries all summer long.  It grew tall and strong.  And finally it has succumbed to the fall cold, and gathered all its life energy back to the root.  Which means harvest time for us!  And the root was just so large, and gave so much wonderful goodness for tincture and oil.  You can probably see in the picture that we did not get all the root out of the ground, so we will see what sprouts in spring.

And here is another root, dandelion root.  We don't seem to have a lot of dandelion in our yard.  Lots of relatives of dandelion, but only a bit of actual dandelion.  I found a couple of small patches, nice to eat the greens in spring, and harvest the root in fall. Great for the liver.  Here is an article about dandelion by Susun Weed.  

Here is a youtube video about poke root:

Enjoy the green goodness around you!

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