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Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Beauty of North Carolina

We have been living here in the foothills of North Carolina for 15 years now and I am beginning to appreciate the beauty here.  I mean I have always thought of this area of NC as beautiful but to really appreciate the beauty and not long for the scent of Lilacs wafting in my window is a challenge.

This year my son, Dallen, and I have been noticing all the flowers we have been missing.  And just the other day, as we were on our daily walk along the river, I actually said "oh wow you can smell that sweet smell of honeysuckle so strong along here."

Another flower we noticed this year was the Trillium reliquum.  Of course at the time we saw the flower, earlier in the spring, I had no idea what it was.  I asked a friend what that beautiful deep red, almost purple, flower was and he told me it was Trillium, and Trillium reliquum more specifically.  He proceeded to tell me that Trillium is not all that common any more, and that Trillium reliquum was even more rare to find.  So much habitat disruption.  There were certainly plenty along the edges of the Greenway, beside the river, in Morganton.  We did look it up on Wikipedia to find out more.  Here are a couple of the pictures we took at the time.  Just amazing.  Almost like finding a lady slipper in the woods back in Maine.

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