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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

To Split OR Not To Split

OK I am trying to decide if I should split my hive.  These bees are so docile, and so productive.  We have had them probably 3 weeks or so.  And they have filled one deep and one medium box.  Jackson and I added another deep between the two this past Sunday, so only a couple of days ago, and at that time I noticed a queen cell in the hive.  I have done some research and talked to my bee mentor, Teri.  I think I am going to split the hive.

Today Dallen and I went out to the hive to inspect it again, make sure there has been no swarming, and so far so good.  We took the hive down and looked into two of the boxes, and I have spotted two queen cells, and I know there is one more in there.  Here are pics of the two queen cells, the pics aren't the greatest, but my helper, Dallen, was a little freaked out.  This was his first time near the hive.

This one is really in the center of the picture, toward the right of the hive frame but not on the edge.

This one the queen cell is bottom right of the hive frame.  

I have put together another hive, finished that this morning, so I am all ready to go.  I have read a couple of sites (or 10) on splitting hives with a queen cell.  Need to do a bit more research (as this is my first time splitting a hive) about splitting with more than one queen cell.  And I think this afternoon, when Jackson is home to help, I will split my hive.  Here are a couple more pics.  No queen cells but just cool pics that Dallen took.  

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