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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Herbal Wishlist

Herbal wishlist for this year.  I am slowly growing my herb garden (well not all herbs are in my garden).  There are quite a few already thriving on our property, but there are some that I do need to plant, that should thrive once started.  I would like a  patch of Lavender.

Another plant that I would like more of is Yarrow.  I do have a couple of yarrow plants in the pasture, but not much at all, and I hate to harvest any at this point.  I also don't want to try transplanting it, as I don't want to disturb and "kill" it.  Would rather let the couple of plants already in existence have a fighting chance and plant some more to go with it.  

Nettle, yes nettle.  I have searched and searched and don't see any nettle on our property.  Not that I will give up searching, but in the mean time I would like to start a patch by the barn, nice fertile ground there.  

Motherwort, an herb for the heart.  Just a wonderful one to have on hand.  

And lastly a Linden tree.  I think my bees would love it and I would love to be able to harvest my own linden.  

Now that I have put my wishes out into the Universe I will be listening to me heart and moving forward, every growing!

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