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Monday, November 25, 2013


Juicing has never been my thing. I have always thought to myself that I would rather eat the fruit and veggies than juice.  Well my mind has been changed, LOL.  (yes it happens).  I had been eating gluten and dairy here and there.  Not a lot as it really plays havoc with my body.  But little bits here and there doesn't upset my stomach, so I live with the other symptoms.  I decided one day to try a juice cleanse.  I thought it would be good for my body to kind of start over.  To purge of the gluten and dairy and cleanse my system.  Jackson decided to do this with me so we both embarked on a 5 day adventure.

The juice in the photo is the Bright Pink-A-Licious juice found on the juicing blog.

We followed this cleanse, 5 day reboot.   It was one we found online while searching, and you can see the 5 day plan, it has a shopping list included as well as different recipes.  Since we were so new to this we thought it might be best to follow a plan rather than make something up.  We bought an nice juicer and were on our way.  One thing we did differently was to not juice greens, so kale and spinach go into the blender with the other juice.  Greens just don't give much juice at all and it seemed like we were wasting so much green goodness.  Otherwise we followed the plan.  Well at least I did.  By day two Jackson was having a headache so he added back in his green tea, and he also had eggs one day for breakfast.  I didn't seem to have any negative effects.

When our 5 days were over we really started taking notice of what we were eating, didn't want to ruin a great cleanse by jumping back into dairy and gluten.  After a couple of days I noticed that my mood changed.  I really felt like I was much "happier" when we were juicing.  Little things didn't bother me as much.  I feel pretty happy to begin with, but the juicing just added more positive energy to my day.  So now I am continuing to juice.  I also juice for my boys.  They love fresh apple and orange juice, so I juice that, for them, now.  So much better than the over processed juice from the store.  So in the morning I make orange juice for Phillip and apple juice for Dallen.  I then make a veggie/fruit juice for me for breakfast, and one to put in the refrigerator for my lunch.

Juicing has become a welcome addition to my daily routine.  I am feeling great!

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