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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Vegan Tamales

This was a recipe Jackson found and tried.  We all enjoyed the tamales but they were a bit salty, so he thought he would adjust that the next time he made them.  Also Jackson left out the cheese, so they were vegan, which I appreciated.

He said he basically followed this recipe for Vegetarian Tamales.  But he doesn't remember any modifications, other than the cheese, that he made.  It did take him most of a day to prepare, so this dish is labor intensive. I reminded him that if he ever wants to replicate a dish he needs to jot down what he does differently, then I can add it to my blog and we will have it for next time.  Oh well.  It isn't a dish I am going to make so maybe he will be able to make those modifications on the fly again next time.

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