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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Mustache Wax

I am posting this here so I can find it again.  I saw this on an essential oil facebook page, and thought I would try it. I have one son growing out his mustache and he was commenting about the undesirable ingredients in so many commercial products.  So I decided to make this for him to try.  It is called a "beard balm" but if you want to use it for a beard you would need to use less beeswax.  I would probably use 1 tsp beeswax and see how that worked.  As is, it is very much a harder wax, than a balm.  But it is perfect for a mustache.

I don't know who the gentleman is in the picture, and I can't read the web site imprinted above his head.  So I can't link it here. If anyone else can read it please leave a comment.  I am always so happy to give credit and link back to the original source to increase traffic to useful web sites.

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